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E Series Fixed-Blade Ejector Scrapers

Maximize productivity. Minimize cost.

The John Deere Scraper System is an independent earth-moving and land-leveling solution requiring only one operator to load, transport, and spread material.

Compared with conventional self-propelled excavators and dump trucks plus their operating expenses, the John Deere solution costs one-third less and requires half the labour.

Best of all, the John Deere solution is built to construction-grade standards to take on the biggest jobs.


The scraper's tongue features a tapered-box design for tight turning and is made with internally welded ½-inch-thick gussets for extra strength and durability. The scraper also has the lowest tongue-weight ratio in the industry. This reduces drawbar weight and lessens the load on your tractor's rear axle for improved durability.

Cross Tube

The 16-inch front cross tube provides added torsional strength that helps dampen the stresses the scraper may incur while under load.

Maximum visibility

A large throat opening, high lift gate, and high cross-tube front frame design give you maximum visibility to the cutting edge and inside the bowl. The pivoting front frame allows the scraper to do all lowering and raising of the frame at the cutting-edge end of the scraper. This provides quick response time and an aggressive cutting angle.

Floor and walls

Steep-angled walls add to the scraper’s ability to handle heavier soils. The floor is thicker at the blade than at the rear of the pan. This tapered design allows for greater strength where you need it plus additional ground clearance at the back.

Router bits

Construction-grade, heat-treated, cast-iron router bits feature two sets of mounting holes. Once the bits wear, lower them to the next level for a second life. Our router bits can be used on both sides of the scraper, so there’s no need to purchase two different  bits.

Cutting blades

Choose from six cutting blades of varying lengths and widths. The blade support features six-inch bolt spacing so you can mount different blades in the configuration that's best for your soil conditions. John Deere Scrapers are the only scrapers on the market that offer this flexibility.


John Deere Scrapers feature John Deere Cylinders -- known industry-wide as the best cylinder on the market. They're built extra tough and are of a larger diameter with thicker barrel walls and friction-welded rod ends for improved durability, added capacity, and quick response time. A large 6-inch frame and 5-inch gate cylinder provide quick response when loading and unloading. And a single 4½-inch-diameter ejector cylinder ensures jam-free material ejection.                    


A front cast hitch is standard. It’s stronger and wider than previous models, and it works perfectly with the new Quick-Attach tractor drawbar. This combination greatly reduces the amount of time and energy that it takes to hitch the scraper to the tractor.

Wheels, tires and brakes

A fully loaded John Deere Scraper System provides 40 percent more flotation than conventional earthmoving equipment. Plus, 20.5, 23.5, and 26.5 scraper-tire options provide increased load-carrying capacity and reduce rolling resistance in adverse conditions. Heavy-duty brakes are built for the tough conditions of earthmoving on inclines. The braking system reduces the dependency on the tractor’s brakes, allowing shorter stopping distances even while fully loaded.           


Zinc-coated steel lines for tandem scraper operation are standard. All hoses are kept out of the way of tractor tires. ¾-inch steel hydraulic lines, hoses, and fittings throughout the scraper allow better hydraulic oil flow to the cylinders for faster response and cycle times.                     


The award-winning John Deere AutoLoad System makes it push-button easy for novice and experienced tractor/scraper operators to consistently load like pros, time after time. AutoLoad controls the scraper’s hydraulic-lift functions during the load cycle and adjusts the blade height as necessary. (Not compatible with tractors equipped with AutoTrac™ or tracks and cannot be used simultaneously with laser leveling.

Overflow Guard

The steep angle of the rear overflow guard helps the scraper retain more material and reduces spillover behind the bucket. A front guard helps protect the gate cylinder, hydraulic lines, and hoses.

Laser-receiver bracket

A laser-receiver bracket is optional equipment.

Rear Hitch

The standard rear hitch lets you attach another scraper for tandem- or triple-scraper operations. Plus, the heavy-duty quick-attach hitch makes hookup fast and easy.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.