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X305 w/42" Deck

Features & Specs

  • Improved TurboStar fan assisted collection
  • Increased engine power
  • Premium operator comfort
  • Exceptional build quality
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Recommended Mowing AreaUp to 8000 m²
Mower Cutting Width42 TurboStar (107cm/42in)
Engine Power12.2kW (at 3100rpm)
Forward SpeedUp to 8.9km/h (5.5mph)
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The X305R lawn tractor is part of the Select Series range. It is the perfect answer for precision mowing of formal lawns, thanks to the TurboStar system. The integrated fan lifts the grass and propels the clippings into the collector. When the collector is full, the deck automatically switches off to avoid becoming blocked. The Twin Touch pedal control lets you smoothly and effortlessly change speed and direction. So if you are looking for an easier way to get around everything in your garden, look no further.





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