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AutoTrac RowSense


  • Combines the advantages of AutoTrac and mechanical row feelers
  • Improves yield quality
  • Reduces operator fatigue

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    AMS: John Deere combine using AutoTrac RowSense

    AutoTrac RowSense: Next step to pinpoint accuracy in corn harvesting

    AutoTrac RowSense System combines the advantages of the AutoTrac System along with mechanical row feelers. This systems eliminates the limitations of a single system when harvesting corn. Productivity and precision in any conditions: down crop, curves and unevenly shaped fields.

    Customer Benefits

    Down Corn

    When operating in AutoTrac RowSense mode, both systems - row feeler and AutoTrac - are active. As soon as the feelers are unable to deliver a reliable signal, AutoTrac System takes over control of the steering. The system switches immediately back to fused mode when a row signal is available.


    When selecting "A-B curves" or "Adaptive curves" in the guidance settings, AutoTrac RowSense System reacts proactively when approaching curves in the field. The combine steers smoothly into the curve as the location and radius is already available from the last path.

    Field not planted using AutoTrac System

    Until now it was not possible to utilize AutoTrac System in  fields planted without the use of guidance assistance, because of the differing track spacings caused by manual steering. AutoTrac RowSense System is able to self-centershift using information from the mechanical row feeler. With this functionality the combine will still follow the rows  accurately, even if the tracks in the field are not parallel.

    AutoTrac RowSense

    Headland Turns
    During headland turns, AutoTrac RowSense System provides the same functionality as AutoTrac.


    Activating the system on the headland will guide the combine accurately into the rows, utilizing the full working width. This is of particular importance while operating a row dependent cornhead.