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Do you feel tired after a long day in the field? Do you ever suffer from back ache? Does your tractor’s seat feel worn out?


You spend hundreds of hours every year in your tractor, so why not make it as comfortable as possible with one of our high quality seats?


A new tractor seat is one of the best investments you can make for your health and working efficiency.


We offer a range of replacement seats from the Super Air Comfort seat to the award-winning Active seat. Check out our Online Attachment System to see what’s available for your tractor or talk to your local dealer who will be happy to explain all the features in more detail and give you a demonstration.

Parts and Service: Super Air Comfort seat

Super Air Comfort Seat

Sitting on a Super Air Comfort Seat is the closest you’ll get to floating on air. It provides the optimum support for any weight or body size, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a comfortable and productive day in the field.

With 14 different adjustable features from the angle of the seat cushion to armrest height, swivel base and telescopic backrest – you’ll have no problem finding the ideal position.


The front and back suspension minimises shocks when driving at high speed or when pulling implements over rough ground. And the adjustable lumbar support gives your spine the exact amount of support it needs.


It’s heated too, taking the chill out of an early start on a frosty morning.


Seat Chart

Scientifically Proven

Our engineers used a Human Vibration Analyser to compare the dampening capabilities of the Super Air Comfort Seat against a worn out mechanical seat in a John Deere 6300 tractor. The worn out mechanical seat quickly exceeded the parameters set by the EU-Physical Agents Directive 2002/44/EEC for daily vibration limits, while the Super Air Comfort Seat consistently provided superior protection for up to three times longer*.

Seat Animation

The Seat That Breathes

The seat material contains an active carbon layer.

On hot days it absorbs perspiration keeping you cool.
When you're not in the seat the moisture is released.


View Seat Animation

Seat Accessories

Give your old seat a makeover with a new cover, upgrade the suspension or add a safety belt for extra security.

The Genuine Advantage:

  • Fully tested on John Deere seats
  • Fit perfectly first time
  • Guaranteed


Parts and Service: Swivel base

Swivel Base

This swivel base fits to the underside of your seat and lets you turn a full 180°.
It’s ideal if you need to keep a close eye on rear implements and it makes getting in and out of the cab that much easier.
Only available for 6000 Series Tractors.

Parts and Service: Seat Covers and cushion

Seat Covers and Cushions

We offer two types of seat cover: tailor-made and universal. Seat cushions are available in either cloth or leather for easy cleaning. Tailor-made covers will fit your seat perfectly and there’s even a cover with removable heating panels for the back seat and cushion.

The Genuine Advantage:
  • Perfect fit with embossed John Deere logo
  • High quality, reinforced tear-proof cloth for rugged use and long life
  • 10 mm foam centre layer
  • Dirt repellent coating
  • Machine washable up to 30°C
  • 3 year guarantee

Universal seat covers are made of 100% polyester.
Parts and Service: Seat Finder

Seat Finder

Made up your mind yet? Our Online Attachment System will take you through the features and choices for your specific tractor.

Open Station

We offer a range of seats for open station tractors. Just ask your dealer for details stating the model number of your tractor.

* Tests performed on a non-suspended 6300 tractor (5450 hours) driving on road without an implement and on farm-track with a plough.