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Extend your Working Day into the Night

There’s a huge range of front, rear and side light combinations for whatever tractor lighting set up suits your working conditions best.


But before you make your choice, here’s our  guide to the different options:

Headlights (H4) v Working Lights (H3)

Headlights (H4) are designed to provide excellent illumination for normal road use. They feature a low and high beam function. If a front implement obscures the beam of the grille mounted headlights, additional beltline headlights are available to take on this function.


H3 halogen lights are designed for use in the field and offer outstanding illumination to the front and rear working areas as well as for mounted implements.


The Benefits of H3 Working Lights Include:

  • Brightness and illumination levels that exceed those of standard 100 W lights
  • Optimised light distribution
  • Adjustability that eliminates 'light pockets'
Parts and Service: Headlights
Two H4 grille mounted headlights
Parts and Service: Work lights
Two H3 corner work lights


Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights provide extreme brightness and daylight colour output for excellent field definition. Xenon working lights give much brighter illumination than conventional working lights and are inherently more resistant to shocks and vibrations.


Key Advantages of Xenon Lights over Halogen:

  • Up to 4 times the light output
  • 10 times the service life
  • 35% lower power consumption than halogen bulbs helps reduce the load on the electrical charging systems

Halogen v Xenon

Parts and Service: Halogen Light
With halogen light
Classic working light(55 W)
2 x 55 W = 110 W
Parts and Service: Xenon Light
With Xenon light
Xenon working light(35 W)
2 x 35 W = 70W

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