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Other Opportunities

At John Deere, opportunities are as varied as our products and services. We have career paths in communications, human resources, legal, public affairs, administrative/customer service, security, health, safety, and environmental. Maybe it's time to plan your next great leap and grow with us.
Administrative/customer service

You have great interpersonal and communication skills. You can creatively solve problems. You embrace technology and are willing to learn, grow, and accept challenges. Sounds like an administrative or customer service career could be a great place for you to start at John Deere. You'll focus on the day-to-day business operations, responding to others' needs. It's a great opportunity to build your knowledge of our business processes and partner with John Deere in a lasting, rewarding relationship.


As our global business grows, so does our need for communications professionals. If you can convey a clear and concise message to customers, employees, shareholders, and the general public, this opportunity may be for you. There are many such positions in our factories, at the division offices, and at the company's world headquarters. And opportunities can range from management positions to Communication Specialist or Translation Specialist.

Health, safety, environment

John Deere is committed to providing a healthy and environmentally safe environment for both its employees and the communities where we have facilities. Of course, that means many opportunities for environmental and safety professionals, as well as nurses who have an occupational health background.

Human resources

As a leader in processes and applications, John Deere offers various roles for HR professionals. At factories, units, and the company's world headquarters, you'll find opportunities for a generalist. And, areas of specialization such as international HR, compensation and benefits, training and development, and labor relations are also available.


If you choose to enter our Global Law Services organization, you'll provide key legal resources for the John Deere enterprise. Including, of course, representation for the company regarding various products and services in our domestic and global markets. Your opportunities may include Human Resources, Compliance, Patent, Trademark, Corporate Securities, and Product Liability. No matter what the topic, our legal team stands strong for the Company and makes sure John Deere continues to operate with integrity.

Public affairs

Enjoy the fast pace of politics? Our Public Affairs organization might be your next great leap. You'll make sure that John Deere interests are appropriately represented at the federal, state, and local levels. And internationally. Opportunities exist in both support and managerial roles.


Emergency response. Business continuity. Facilities security and security systems. These are a few of the opportunities in our corporate security organization. You'll work with sophisticated systems and processes to ensure employee safety and security, as well as protect the information, facilities, and systems that support our business worldwide.

Opportunity Awaits

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Nicole, Labor Relations Manager

Nicole, Labor Relations Manager

"At John Deere, there are so many learning opportunities. But an employee has to be proactive. It's all about you making the decision to pursue your area of interest and getting the help and resources to do it. That's what I find really great about working here. The company is willing to put money behind individuals to go after the things they're interested in, as long as there is a business reason to do it."

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