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Utility Tractors

Meet the 5 and 6 Family Utility Tractors (45 – 140 Engine HP)

Meet the 5 and 6 Family Utility Tractors (45 – 140 Engine HP)
Follow the link to learn more about the 5E Series Tractors

5E Series Tractors

Hard working Value-Spec utility tractors for small livestock operations and part-time producers.

View 5E (45-75 hp) Value-Spec Tractors
View 5E (85 – 100 hp) Value-Spec Tractors
Get a closer look at the value-spec 6E

6E Series Tractors

Mid-size, Value-Spec utility tractors built for small to medium size operations needing an easy-to-operate, reliable, and versatile machine that delivers day in and day out … for less.

Get a closer look at the (105 to 135 hp) Value-Spec 6E


Get a closer look at the 5r

5R Series Tractors

The premium 5R Series brings advancements from our large row crop tractors and introduces them to the utility tractor class.

View the (90 to 125 hp) 5R
6R Series Tractors

6R Series Tractors

Made for high-hour users who demand all-day comfort and the ultimate level of performance. The 6R includes a spacious, premium cab, and numerous automated productivity features suited for medium and larger operations where chores range from cutting and baling hay to heavy transport and tilling ground.

Get a View of the (105 to 130 hp) 6R


Follow link to 5M Series Tractors

5M Series Tractors

Premium tractors for small and medium size operations with all the bells and whistles: Subwoofer, LCD instrument cluster, low sloping hood, and much more.

View 5M (75 to 115 hp) Medium-Spec Tractors
View the mid-spec 6M

6M Series Tractors

These Mid-Spec tractors are anything but middle of the pack. The 6M brings together a perfect mix of options, performance features, automation and comfort, giving mid-size and larger operators the performance and versatility needed in a utility tractor.

View the (105 to 130 hp) Mid-Spec 6M


5-Year Powertrain Warranty Now Available

5-Year Powertrain Warranty Now Available

An incredible 5-Year Powertrain Warranty is now available on all 5E Series Tractors.* See your dealer for details.

    Select, Build and Price

    Select, Build and Price
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    Build & Price

    Make your new John Deere Tractor your own by building and customizing it with dozens of options, attachments, and accessories.

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    Tractor Versatility

    Tractor Versatility

    Deals & Promotions

    Deals & Promotions

    *Beginning 9/1/2016 all 5E Series Utility Tractors purchased new from an authorized John Deere Dealer come standard with a 5 year/2000 hour (whichever comes first) Powertrain Warranty. See the Limited Warranty for New John Deere Turf & Utility Equipment at dealer for details.

    Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.